Trace Labs Badges

Trace Labs believes in recognizing its members for the skills they gain with us and the achievements they accomplish as a result of those skills. Our collection of badges allow you to follow your interests and stand out from the crowd.

Trace Labs creates and issues Badges for you to earn, enabling you to build up your own unique collection and share them across the web. Each badge you earn contains data about your skills and shows Trace Labs as the issuing organization within a portable image file. This data can be viewed when you display and share your badges, allowing potential employers to verify your skills and experience.

You can earn badges at Trace Labs as a contestant, top 3 placed team member, or volunteer judge at one of our Global OSINT Search Party CTFs, or by participating in or leading a Committee.

Please Note: Badges will not be awarded retrospectively for Trace Labs Global CTFs prior to July 11 2020.

To receive Trace Labs virtual badges, you will need to agree to share your name and e-mail address with our digital badge provider. Once you earn a badge, you will be provided with you very own URL to display you badge on your own blog, or social media page, such as LinkedIn or Twitter! Checkout our Badgr page here

Contestant Participation Badges

By participating as a contestant in a Global OSINT Search Party CTF you are automatically eligible for the Contestant Participation Badge.

Top Team Badges

Each member of a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd placed team in a Global OSINT Search Party CTF will also win a badge. In tradition with the famous Defcon Black Badge, Trace Labs will be offering the members of the winning team with a Trace Labs Black Badge. Anyone with a Trace Labs Black Badge gets free Global Search Party CTF entry for life.

Black Badge – Awarded to members of the 1st placed team.

Note: Black Badges can also, on rare occurrence, be won by teams that help law enforcement locate a missing persons. We will communicate you if this occurs during or after an event.

Silver Badge – Awarded to members of the 2nd placed team.

Bronze Badge – Awarded to members of the 3rd placed team.

Judge Badges

Judges begin earning their first badge right away as well. At the end of judging their first Global OSINT Search Party CTF, they will have earned the Recruit Judge Badge.

Senior Judge Badge – Earned after successfully judging 5 CTFs.

Recruit Judge Badge – Earned after successfully judging 1 CTF.

Committee Member and Leads

The special Trace Labs Committee Member and Committee Lead badges are very special and awarded to those who help complete a project as part of a committee. Individuals can either contribute as part of the team or lead a special project.

Trace Labs Committee Member Badge – Successfully contribute to the completion of at least one committee/project

Credit for the designs of our badges goes to Chase Matheson!

Follow Chase on Twitter @ArtByChase and Instagram @ArtByChase

Check out Chase’s portfolio to see more great designs: