Core Values

Trace Labs operates on its core beliefs, values, and mission.

1. Community

Our community is a large part of our crowdsourced initiatives. Anyone from around the world, regardless of skill level or background can step in and assist with a missing person investigation.

2. Collaboration

Our collaboration efforts with industry partners, law enforcement, and other Not For Profits increase our ability to scale our efforts to help find missing persons.

3. Innovation

We continue to test the boundaries of crowdsourcing by using innovative technology and processes to enhance our OSINT investigations.

What Trace Labs Is Not


Trace Labs does not theorize or speculate. We only perform OSINT. We are not vigilantes. We are not the police. Instead, we simply perform passive reconnaissance to collect intelligence on a missing person case and provide this to the respective law enforcement agency to allow them to pursue the appropriate course of action.

How Members Can Help

Become a Search Party Judge

If you would like to volunteer some of your time with Trace Labs we typically start you as a CTF judge at one of our many events.


Join the Search Party

The Search Party CTF is an effort that allows for the crowdsourcing of contestants to perform a single task: Conduct open source intelligence operations to help find missing persons


Make a Donation to Trace Labs

Even a few dollars can make a difference. Donations of any amount are appreciated to help support our many operational costs