Op Request Form

Trace Labs must validate each case submitted to ensure the missing person is legitimate. We do this by requesting the link to a public page that is posted by law enforcement. This will provide the details of the case, often the case number and the invitation for the public’s assistance. This is a requirement and without it, Trace Labs cannot assist. No social media or news sites referencing the site will be accepted, please provide case link directly from a law enforcement website such as the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs).

We will review your case and if it meets the Trace Labs requirements, the case will be published to our community via a CTF event or Ongoing Operation as case slots become available. Please note that we are limited to the number of concurrent cases we are able work on. We will do our best to give each qualified case the community’s full attention.

The Trace Labs model has a higher probability of finding relevant OSINT on cases within the past 10 years. This is due to our community being more effective at leveraging OSINT sources that have more widely adopted within the past decade.