Trace Labs Welcomes SpiderFoot as a Strategic Sponsor

Adrian Korn

January 11, 2021

A year ago, Trace Labs brought aboard SpiderFoot as a Silver Sponsor to to provide a variety of support, including their SpiderFoot HX OSINT tool licenses to select Trace Labs events as prizes. SpiderFoot's support has been vital to our growth and has provided opportunities for top placed teams in our CTFs to enhance their OSINT toolkits with SpiderFoot HX subscriptions.

Today we are happy to announce that SpiderFoot has increased their support to the Strategic Sponsor level. As a Strategic Sponsor, SpiderFoot will be supporting us with more SpiderFoot HX licenses and increasing their financial support to assist in funding the operations of Trace Labs.

About SpiderFoot

SpiderFoot is an Open Source Intelligence tool written in Python that was developed by Steve Micallef in his free time. The tool queries over 100 public information services and provides you with intelligence data about domain names, email addresses, names, IP addresses, DNS servers and much more. SpiderFoot has over 100 modules so anyone interested in security, from beginners to professionals can understand their security perimeter.

SpiderFoot offers both an open source and a cloud hosted option for OSINT enthusiasts and professionals. To learn more about SpiderFoot, visit and follow @spiderfoot on Twitter.

Adrian Korn

Over his career, Adrian Korn has specialized in Cyber Threat Intelligence and OSINT while working for organizations in the financial services and technology space. Leveraging his background in the intelligence field, Adrian serves as the Director of OSINT Operations & Strategic Initiatives at Trace Labs, a Not-For-Profit that crowdsources OSINT to generate new leads on active missing persons investigations. At Trace Labs, Adrian’s primary focus is on expanding partnerships with Law Enforcement Agencies and Organizations within the OSINT space, while also managing Trace Labs’ OSINT Search Party operations.

Follow Adrian on Twitter @AK47Intel

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