OSINT Combine Joins Trace Labs as Official Training Partner

Adrian Korn

June 18, 2020

We are excited to announce the addition of OSINT Combine as an official Trace Labs Training Partner! At the 2019 National Australian Missing Persons Hackathon, the Trace Labs team met Chris Poulter, CEO of OSINT Combine where he provided live OSINT training to our national audience. The quality of training content was immediately visible to us.

With the recent release of the fully on demand OSINT Combine Academy course offerings, this provided a unique opportunity for us to partner with an organization to provide instant OSINT training access to our community. As part of this partnership, OSINT Combine has created a custom “Trace Labs OSINT Foundations Course” that will be provided free of charge to the first 300 registrants of any Trace Labs Global OSINT Search Party event!

"This partnership with OSINT Combine will enable us to provide access to instant world class OSINT training resources for our global community. We expect to see a significant uptick in contestant skill level in our Global OSINT Search Party CTFs leading to higher quality intelligence on missing persons cases for law enforcement" said Adrian Korn, Director of OSINT Operations & Strategic Initiatives at Trace Labs.

Breakdown of OSINT Combine Trace Labs OSINT Foundations Course

Additionally OSINT Combine is offering 15% off any other OSINT Combine Academy course with the promo code TLSUPPORT where they will donate 10% of proceeds on registrations from the code directly back to Trace Labs to support our mission of crowdsourcing OSINT to assist law enforcement in finding missing persons.

"We are deeply honoured and humbled by the opportunity to support the Trace Labs team as an official training partner. The work being done by the Trace Labs organization to bring together and coordinate thousands of volunteers who devote their time to help others for such an important cause is truly amazing and inspirational. We look forward to delivering valuable open source intelligence training to participants of the Global OSINT Search Party CTFs." said Chris Poulter, CEO of OSINT Combine.

Check out the full on demand OSINT Course offerings from OSINT Combine here that include:

OSINT Fundamentals + Social Media - Build an incredible foundation for your OSINT learning journey

OSINT Area & Event Awareness Course - Focus your OSINT learning with area monitoring, assessments & understanding events

Advanced Open Source Intelligence - The complete & most comprehensive Open Source Intelligence training available

Adrian Korn

Over his career, Adrian Korn has specialized in Cyber Threat Intelligence and OSINT while working for organizations in the financial services and technology space. Leveraging his background in the intelligence field, Adrian serves as the Director of OSINT Operations & Strategic Initiatives at Trace Labs, a Not-For-Profit that crowdsources OSINT to generate new leads on active missing persons investigations. At Trace Labs, Adrian’s primary focus is on expanding partnerships with Law Enforcement Agencies and Organizations within the OSINT space, while also managing Trace Labs’ OSINT Search Party operations.

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