Trace Labs Welcomes Offensive Security as a Strategic Sponsor

Robert Sell

June 22, 2020

A year ago, Trace Labs brought aboard Offensive Security as a Gold Sponsor to provide Pen testing With Kali (PWK) training vouchers with an OSCP exam attempt as prizes for select Trace Labs events. This support throughout the past year has been vital to our growth and has provided multiple training opportunities to top placed teams in our CTFs.

Today we are happy to announce that Offensive Security has increased their support to the Strategic Sponsor level. As a Strategic Sponsor, Offensive Security will be increasing their PWK training voucher with OSCP exam attempt prize contributions to now support monthly Global OSINT Search Party CTF Events with up to 4 vouchers awarded to the top placed team! 

Additionally, Offensive Security will be providing strategic support to our Trace Labs OSINT VM Project Initiative which has just launched with our version 1.0. The OSINT VM Project was started with one goal in mind, use Kali Linux as a base to build a preconfigured VM with OSINT tools to enable faster and more efficient OSINT investigations into missing persons cases. This Open Source Project has seen countless hours of work from the Trace Labs volunteer team to get us to this 1.0 version, and we look forward to continuing development with the guidance of the talented Kali team at Offensive Security.

The addition of Offensive Security as a Strategic Sponsor is a game changer for us. It will provide us the opportunity to work with their world class Kali team and receive mentorship on the Linux architecture side further enhancing our team’s capabilities in delivering quality OSINT tooling to our community. Our vision is to provide every Trace Labs member with a ready to go system designed for OSINT investigations and Offensive Security is going to help us take that to the next level.” said James Liolios, Director of Technical Operations at Trace Labs.

Open Source Community Commitment

Offensive Security remains uniquely in tune with the security community, maintaining both the popular open source project Kali Linux and Exploit Database, the most comprehensive collection of exploits on the Internet. Joining Trace Labs as a Strategic Sponsor further show their commitment to supporting the open source community.

"The not-so-secret sauce of what makes Offensive Security’s training so great is that we come from the community, we are active in the community, and we are always giving back to the community. Our courses represent the kind of training that we want to have on the market because we would actually take them, and the projects we choose to support are chosen because they are critical cornerstones of our industry that benefit professionals and hobbyists alike. What Trace Labs is doing is a perfect fit for that mission, combining hands-on training of OSINT concepts in a way that is engaging and actually helps people in the real world. So we are proud to be a sponsor of Trace Labs, and are excited to see the relationship continue to grow.” said Jim O'Gorman, Chief Content & Strategy Officer at Offensive Security.

About Offensive Security

Offensive Security is the leading provider of online penetration testing training and certification for information security professionals. Created by the community for the community, Offensive Security’s one-of-a-kind mix of practical, hands-on training and certification programs, virtual labs and open source projects provide practitioners with the highly-desired offensive skills required to advance their careers and better protect their organizations. Offensive Security is committed to funding and growing Kali Linux, the leading operating system for penetration testing, ethical hacking and network security assessments. For more information, visit, follow @offsectraining and @kalilinux on Twitter, and @Offensive-Security on LinkedIn

Offensive Security Training & Certification Offerings

A full listing of all Offensive Security course and certifications operations can be viewed here. Offensive Security provides both on demand and live training options.

Offensive Security On Demand & Live Course Offerings

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