Who Are We


Trace Labs membership is comprised of people who  give back to society by helping to find missing persons and/or who want to learn more about open source intelligence (OSINT) gathering.

This attracts people such as computer enthusiasts, information security professionals, first responders, hackers and private investigators. We are your brother, your sister your mother, your father, your neighbor, your friend and a stranger. We are everywhere and we are no where.

We never close.


Trace Labs has a small team of dedicated directors who help with all the administrative necessities of any organization.

Robert Sell, Creator/President
A ten year member of a local Search & Rescue team in British Columbia, who specializes in tracking, Robert understands how teams can work together to find someone. He has also seen first hand the impact missing persons has on families. With a career in IT, the modernizing of search techniques for missing persons with technology seemed like the natural evolution for Robert.

Special Advisers

Trace Lab has been fortunate to have many advisers in the areas of missing persons, search & rescue, law enforcement and open source investigations. We have also had great support and insight from families who have been directly impacted as well as those who have been conducting OSINT operations on their own for years. We thank you all for your support.