What We Do

Trace Labs is designed to be a catalyst for improving the state of missing persons location and family reunification. We provide a modern, cost effective and transparent solution to a problem that is destroying families.

Trace Labs focus is:

  1. Collecting open source intelligence (OSINT) on missing persons and providing that to law enforcement. We do this through CTF events at conferences and daily OSINT operations.
  2. OSINT training for the public and first responders.
  3. Missing persons awareness to communities.

The difference between Trace Labs and the current solution is:

  • Law enforcement will have a few resources to dedicate to a missing persons case, Trace Labs can offer hundreds.
  • Trace Labs has a very low level of bureaucracy or administration. Our everyday members and contestants at our events don’t have to spend any time on administrative paperwork or any other distractions.
  • Trace Labs Capture the Flag (CTF) events focus efforts on missing persons cases. This lack of distraction allows person and teams to make excellent progress on intelligence collection.
  • Trace Labs has the skill set to¬†make sense of the data that is out there whereas many smaller law enforcement teams may currently¬†lack training, access to technology and simply the time.
  • Most Missing Persons groups’ goals are typically outreach and education. They are helping the victims after they have been found or providing general education to the public. While this is vitally important, the difference with Trace Labs is that we focus directly on reducing on family reunification. We want to speed up the time to discovery and increase the percentage of people law enforcement can bring home to their families.

Trace Labs is not:

  • Investigators: We do not get involved nor theorize or speculate. We only do OSINT.
  • Vigilantes: We do not go after bad guys. We are not the police. Instead, we simply collect previous intelligence and provide this to the respective law enforcement so that can pursue the appropriate course of action.