Layer8 2019

Trace Labs is partnered with the Layer8 Conference to provide an OSINT CTF for Missing Persons. Trace Labs is very excited to be part of this very special event as it is a conference specifically focussed on Social Engineering and Open Source Intelligence.


Pride Toronto & DEFCON Toronto 2019

Trace Labs is very excited to partner DEFCON Toronto in conjunction with Pride Toronto in 2019 to offer the second annual OSINT CTF for Missing Persons. Last year at this time, DEFCON Toronto was brave enough to partner with this unknown organization called Trace Labs and break new ground. The result of their willingness to open that door resulted in huge benefits to people around the world. DEFCON Toronto helped kick start Trace Labs in 2018 by having faith in our mission. A year later we are highly successful and helping hundreds of people. We are very pleased to return to where it all started and support DEFCON Toronto in 2019 through the same event which promises to be bigger than ever. If you live in the Toronto area, you don’t want to miss this event!

Details are still be worked for this event. Check back for exact dates, times and venue.