Training Partners

With new OSINT techniques being created everyday, it is essential to keep up with training.

Trace Labs endorses the following OSINT training providers and courses:

SANS SEC487: Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Gathering and Analysis

Micah Hoffman runs a 6 day OSINT training course with SANS called SEC487:

This is a foundational course in OSINT gathering and, as such, will move quickly through many areas of the field. While the course is an entry point for people wanting to learn about OSINT, the concepts and tools taught are far from basic. The goal is to provide the OSINT groundwork knowledge for students to be successful in their fields, whether they are cyber defenders, threat intelligence analysts, private investigators, insurance claims investigators, intelligence analysts, law enforcement personnel, or just someone curious about OSINT.

OSINT Combine Academy

OSINT Combine has created a custom “Trace Labs OSINT Foundations Course” that is provided free of charge to the first 300 registrants of any Trace Labs Global OSINT Search Party event.

Additionally OSINT Combine offers  15% off any other OSINT Combine Academy course with the promo code TLSUPPORT where they will donate 10% of proceeds on registrations from the code directly back to Trace Labs to support our mission of crowdsourcing OSINT to assist law enforcement in finding missing persons.

Check out the full on demand OSINT Course offerings from OSINT Combine here that include:

OSINT Fundamentals + Social Media – Build an incredible foundation for your OSINT learning journey

OSINT Area & Event Awareness Course – Focus your OSINT learning with area monitoring, assessments & understanding events

Advanced Open Source Intelligence – The complete & most comprehensive Open Source Intelligence training available

The OSINTion Introduction to People OSINT/Missing People OSINT

Joe Gray runs regular 4 hour interactive virtual training courses on how to leverage OSINT in missing persons investigations:

Use promo code TraceLabs15 to receive 15% off!

This course is designed to hone specifically in on the processes and tools used to perform “People OSINT” in situations where investigators are seeking to find missing people. This focuses on validating the information discovered and using it to pivot to valuable information, in both a Missing CTF and law enforcement setting.