Join the Team

Trace Labs is growing fast and we are always excited to meet people who are passionate about the mission. We enjoy working with contestants and ensuring they have a great experience and also looking for the right people to join our team.

Trace Labs is composed of a number of committees which focus on specific efforts. Most people gravitate towards one or more of these committees:

CTF Judges Committee

If you would like to volunteer some of your time with Trace Labs we typically start you as a CTF judge at one of our many events. This not only gives you hands on experience with our OSINT CTF platform but also allows you to spend time with the other judges and core team. We have found it is the fastest way to get up to speed with our efforts.

Once you have registered with us, join this Slack channel of information on OSINT CTF Judging: #committee-ctf-judges

Development Committee

Interested in working on cool development projects? Like to code? Have skills in website development? Interested in Internet technologies? If so, then this group is for you. This group has members all around the world and is busy building some amazing technologies that will support the Trace Labs mission.

Once you have registered with us and are on the Trace Labs Slack environment join channel: #questions and ask about helping with development

Event Organizer

Trace Labs provides conferences, schools and organizations with a fun and rewarding event for every one. If you have interest in our mission and want to learn more about having our CTF at your site, reach out to us via email, Twitter or Slack.