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The first step is to become a member. Click here to register: Registration Form

Once registered, you will get invited to our Slack channel where we have daily collaboration on our activities and the OSINT industry in general.

We have ongoing OSINT operations for real missing persons that you can find on our Slack site (look at the channel #oprequest). Evidence will be collected in a private space where members working on the operation can collaborate. These details will be sent to the authorities either 1) every operational period (if information of interest is discovered) or 2) once enough information of interest has been collected where it would provide value to the authorities.

We also have OSINT CTF for Missing Persons occurring at conferences, schools and organizations around the world. Check our Events page for a list of upcoming events. If you would like to host our special CTF then please reach out to us.

We are also developing new CTF platforms and training material so if this is of interest to you, please reach out to us.