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Trace Labs Missing CTF: A Global OSINT CTF for Missing Persons

February 2, 2019 @ 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM PST


Trace Labs is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to accelerate the family reunification of missing persons while training members in the trade craft of open source intelligence (OSINT).

Trace Labs has been extremely successful throughout 2018 in locating missing persons through OSINT CTFs at Information Security conferences. However we had numerous people approach us who wanted to participate but were not able to attend these conferences for numerous reasons.

In 2019 we are inviting you to participate in these new global events that are not associated with any particular conference but instead focused on global OSINT professionals coming together online in an effort to help bring loved ones home.

Prizes for this contest will include Hunchly licenses and virtual training from Intel Techniques for the person with the most flags.

The missing persons issue is getting worse and requires modern and scalable solutions at various levels to help mitigate risk to society. Trace Labs is an online, open source intelligence platform that scales on demand through crowd sourcing while providing full transparency of verified public information. This allows all missing persons to receive the attention that is needed early in the search process and for family and concerned friends to see progress. It also allows the police authorities to have access to a centralized and current database of verified information on lost persons.

Trace Labs focuses solely on the collection of publicly available, digital evidence. All data is confirmed public by referencing with a URL. This information is then provided directly to the respective authorities handling the case.

Trace Labs fills the gap in emergency response and provides a solution that scales. Unlike traditional efforts to find lost persons we are:

  • Virtual: While we meet at conferences and other events, most of work is virtual which allows us to operate with great flexibility.
  • Geographically Diverse: Our members exist everywhere and come from many different walks of life. We welcome you all.
  • We Never Close: Trace Labs is 24×7.
  • Scalable: Our efforts can be laser focused on a small town or immediately go global with international assistance.
  • Highly Skilled: Our rules are simple: public data only. We don’t need to know who you are just that the info you provide is legitimate. Therefore even those with very high privacy concerns can participate. This has allowed us to work with highly skilled and talented individuals.

The event will be comprised of 8 missing persons from different countries.

If you are not familiar with the Trace Labs CTF, the point system is documented here: https://www.tracelabs.org/getinvolved/ctf/

Rules: https://www.tracelabs.org/getinvolved/ctf/ctf-rules


February 2, 2019
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM PST
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