Defcon 26 OSINT CTF – New Prize Announcement

Trace Labs is very excited to announce a new prize for the winner of the OSINT CTF for Missing Persons at Defcon 26 in Vegas.

Julie Clegg a famous celebrity in the investigation field has graciously offered this prize which is uniquely suited for many of the contestants of this contest.

Julie Clegg of Hunted
The prize is two separate, two hour consulting sessions with Julie Clegg. This is an opportunity to talk to one of the leading online investigators and thought leaders on the subject of open source intelligence (OSINT). Julie is willing to discuss her journey with you and provide valuable investigator career and case guidance. Sessions will be conducted via Google Hangouts.
Julie Clegg:
Many people are already familiar with Julie and her popular podcast called World Class Investigator or the TV show Hunted where Julie showcases her online intelligence skills. For an online investigator, both are great resources. 

From the computer screen to the television screen, Julie has crafted her life’s work around investigation, profiling and technology, combining her knowledge of cyber-psychology with two decades of online investigations experience to bring to light those that hide in the digital shadows and cause disruption, distress or terror.

Julie Clegg, creator of the World Class Investigator Podcast

A former police detective and undercover operator, criminal and geographic profiler, an active search and rescue volunteer, a passionate human rights advocate, a global educator and an avid world traveler, Julie approaches her life and work with determination and a relentless sense of adventure. She is driven by a desire to help every person live a life free of victimization, oppression, and fear.

Along with her trusted team of leading global experts in digital and mobile forensics, data analytics, forensic psychology, and organized crime, Julie uses all-source intelligence with a focus on online OSINT, social media intelligence, and ethical and proportionate practices for covert and undercover investigations to solve complex problems for corporations, governments, law enforcement and non-profits worldwide.


Want to know more about Julie? If you are interested in OSINT, then you will find her materials fascinating.
Find Julie here:

Twitter: @huntedjulie 

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